Wix Vs. WordPress

Written by Nick Morales

August 17, 2020

Wix and WordPress are the two big brands that have been used across the world for building websites. These webpage builders have some similarities in features and purpose, but there can be a difference in the functionality of the website depending on how your site is being used.


Wix is simply a website builder, whereas WordPress works as a CMS (Content Management System). Wix can be an easy to use solution for a business owner to make a simple webiste. On the other hand, WordPress, a CMS, is the foundation for conversion which mainly manages the digital content. WordPress is primarily used for Enterprise and Web Content Management, as well as creating simple to complex websites.


There are several points that can be made about these website builders that make them different from each other. Working on Wix as a beginner is quite easy rather than working on WordPress. Wix offers all the work on its own platform. If you are not a technical person but need a website, then using Wix will more than likely meet your needs. With Wix, it is a drag and drop functionality to create an aesthetically pleasing website. With WordPress though, you can make the aesthetic look, but also use plugins and other tools to get your website to the highest level of function for your business.

Moreover, Wix offers excellent features including but not limited to a dedicated support team and built-in sales features. Although it does have some drawbacks. For instance, it will restrain you from making more complex websites as some features may be missing; thus, users have less control on website designing. Not only this, Wix also is not completely free. So, if you would like to create a decent website you need to buy their monthly plan.


However, with WordPress, one can work on building complex websites with the help of features such as templates, plugins, etc. But that doesn’t mean WordPress is free of drawbacks, with no dedicated support team, research of installing plugins may be difficult for less experiences web builders. Here, the main point to be highlighted is that where Wix does not support customization, WordPress is fully customizable.

Their pricing criteria is also very different, Wix mainly includes all the things in a package with having hosting, eCommerce, themes, apps, customer support, and charge for it combined. But WordPress is a free platform to use and will ask for charges in case of using paid services like themes, plugins, and hosting.

So Which Is Better?

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, depending upon your website requirements and the goal of your website build, using one or the other will require research and trial and error as one gives benefits for beginners and another one is a fully functional platform for creating scalable websites.