Get your phones ringing from qualified sellers with our call-focused local ads.

Ideal for agents that want new listings, our call-focused approach to local advertising will generate calls for your business.

How We Do It

Our Local Ads service is Advertising Simplified

  1. We focus on real, tangible business outcomes, not vanity metrics.
  2. We speak to a single, addressable audience across multiple platforms. The audience is defined by data, online and physical behaviors and is not restricted by limitations of any one particular platform.
  3. We deliver messages WHEREVER and WHENEVER the audience is active online, tracks both ONLINE and OFFLINE outcomes, and then optimizes based on the highest areas of success.

Our proprietary algorithm combines both location data and online data to target your ideal audience. Then we deliver your message via banner display, web video, OTT, search, and social to your ideal audience. Your audience is then remarketed to across multiple platforms influencing the desired outcome.

Some of the Websites Where Your Business Could Appear

Some OTT Publishers Where Your Business Could Appear

What You’ll Get

  • A call tracking number
  • Listen to customer phone calls
  • Calls are redacted to ensure sensitive information is never recorded
  • Call details such as phone number and caller ID are available in reporting
  • There is no additional cost based on call volume
  • Call recordings are HIPAA compliant

Our Local Ads service allows for you to promote a specific call tracking phone number that will record and transcribe patient calls related to their campaign. Our unique technology offers call recording as well as call redaction, which uses AI to remove any private or sensitive information. Our phone call campaigns deliver advertising through display ads, video ad networks, and paid search.

We’re an American-based company known for our

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thought leadership.

Local Business Served

Ads Created

We focus on the big picture, taking an approach that is proven to succeed and increase ROI. Other than focusing on finances we build brand value and promote you to the world as someone your clients can trust. Our belief is that with the right method and the right team, anything is possible. We will bring your vision to life. 

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We are a local business that helps other businesses run their social media, facebook ads and google ads to help them grow. This is not a MLM or anything of that sort – we simply help these already existing businesses get more customers using social media (LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) if you’re still unclear on what we do please: 
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